Tenth Floor Announces BASE-10 Version 3.0

Apr 02, 2004

Tenth Floor has announced upgrades to its BASE-10 content management and email marketing software suite, BASE-10 version 3.0. As part of a biannual version update plan, BASE-10 version 3.0 includes the following features: Digital Asset Manager--allows you users place images, documents, and links throughout Web pages. Session Timer--a BASE-10 administrator can set BASE-10 to log out a user if their session is inactive for a set period of time. Version 3.0 includes a visible timer on the work screen that lets users know if their session is about to expire because of inactivity. Email Marketing--designed to offer the ability for administrators to create their own reports, Forward-to-a-friend feature, and the ability to collect email addresses directly from a Web site into the BASE-10 database. Versioning and Archiving--the system retains a complete workflow log allowing for rollback and user accountability. My Tasks--designed to allow users to see what content has been scheduled for them to create, review, or approve.