Tenet Partners Launches Data Analytics Platform

Mar 06, 2018

Tenet Partners launched CoreBrand Data Science, a new business unit leveraging the power of predictive analytics and data science to transform how corporations and capital markets can generate value with their brands. Using a combination of research that underpins the CoreBrand Index and advanced analytics, the firm says it is helping the C-suite drive positive business outcomes. The CoreBrand Index is entering 28 years of tracking the vitality of corporate brands across 50 industries.

Quantitative research from 10,000 consumers and business decision makers measure brand awareness (Familiarity) and perception (Favorability) for each company in the index, which is then combined to calculate a company’s brand strength, or “BrandPower.” In 2017, Exponential ETFs and Brandometry launched the Brand Value ETF, which uses Tenet CoreBrand 1000 Data to identify companies with strong brands whose latent value has not been realized by their stock price.

The Brand Value ETF tracks the BrandTransact50 index (BTW50), a primarily large-cap portfolio that provides the benefits of intelligent security selection using advanced analytics and a rules-based format. The BTW50 index is underpinned by the CoreBrand 1000 brand performance data and financial analytics from Toroso Investments, co-developers of the index.

Last year, CoreBrand research expanded to include a new culture of innovation metric to explore how this competitive element impacts the intangible value of brands. A culture of innovation is one of several levers that influences BrandPower. Survey respondents from our study were asked to judge companies based on what they perceived as a culture of innovation. The innovation metric was applied to 160 companies across all industries for which data exists going back to the beginning of the CoreBrand Index over 25 years ago.