Telestream and NewBlue Partner to Create Post Producer Titler Engine

Feb 23, 2016

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, and NewBlue Inc., a production-proven video special effects, transitions, and titling technology company, announced the release of Post Producer Titler Engine. Developed in partnership between the two companies, Post Producer Titler Engine is powered by NewBlueFX and runs on Telestream's file-based content assembly service, Post Producer, part of the Vantage media-processing platform. The new Titler Engine automates the creation of rich, animated, high-resolution titles and graphics when creating uniquely branded versions of the same package.

The creation of hundreds of regional variations required for national spots can be a daunting and expensive task and is frequently referred to as bagging and tagging by any editor unlucky enough to be asked to do it. Telestream's Post Producer Titler Engine automates the creation of these numerous assets, inserting appropriate local content and outputting unique versions, often numbering in the hundreds without any human intervention.

With the new Titler Engine running in Post Producer, a new level of title quality, style, and variation is available to this automated process. NewBlueFX, a leader in title creation software, provides easy to use editing tools that can save title templates that are then fed into the Titler Engine to leverage complete control of color, animations, fonts, and positional data. Titler Engine utilizes metadata to create dozens or even hundreds of full resolution, animated text-overlay, partial or full-screen elements that are assembled in a dynamic fashion as part of a Vantage Post Producer automation workflow.