Telestream Upgrades Vantage

Nov 22, 2010

Telestream released Vantage 2.0, the latest version of its enterprise-grade workflow design and automation software. Among the major new features introduced in this version are the Vantage Workflow Portal, which enables the creation and deployment of operator user interfaces for browsing video, entering metadata, and forwarding media; a new SDK that allows customers and third-party systems to easily access and control Vantage workflows; and a new GraphicsFactory integration that allows template-based layered graphics and audio to be applied during a transcode.

New transcoding support in Vantage 2.0 includes: MainConcept CFG file support for H.264 encoding, Omneon AVC Intra and SAMMA JPEG-2000 decoding, and several other new capabilities. A new Telestream EDL XML playlist format allows MPEG-2 stitching without requiring a full transcode, and Vantage 2.0 provides an interface for creating these playlists.