Telestream Announces ScreenFlow 7.0 Video Editing and Screen Recording Software for Mac

Aug 03, 2017


Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, announced ScreenFlow 7.0 – the latest version of the company’s video editing and screen recording software for the Mac. ScreenFlow says its intuitive design makes it easy for educators, vloggers/bloggers, marketers, online trainers, app developers, gamers, or any aspiring video producer to create high quality video content. ScreenFlow version 7.0 adds a variety of new features that give users more creative options, reduce the often-repetitive nature of video editing, and makes it easier than ever before to export videos.

ScreenFlow allows anyone to create professional-level video content with a built-in screen recorder and ability to capture live video from a camera. An intuitive and powerful editing interface and built-in export features enable direct uploads to the web or the most popular content hosting sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Google Drive or Dropbox. Professional editing features like animations, transitions, chroma key, as well as easy to use screen recording and video or .GIF export make ScreenFlow a powerful, all-in-one video creation tool.

With new animated text effects, ScreenFlow version 7 says it allows users to create eye-catching titles and graphics whether they are making fun home videos or creating highly polished professional content.

Users no longer have to navigate through presets and manually make tradeoffs between quality and speed/size to export videos. With version 7, users can simply choose from higher quality or quicker auto-export options and ScreenFlow will automatically pick the best settings for any given project. Users in a hurry to publish can utilize Intel’s Quick Sync Hardware Accelerated Encoding, while users who want that highest possible quality can now benefit from Multi-pass x264 encoding. For advanced users, custom export presets still offer a greater level of control.

With version 7’s new Global Media Library, users can now store frequently used clips and effects in a centralized library. Every new project shows those same assets under the Global Library icon - perfect for workflows that use the same intro/outro graphics for each video, or any other workflow that reuses the same assets frequently.

The new user-defined shortcut keys enable users to add new shortcut keys to commands that did not previously have a shortcut assigned to it, or change existing shortcuts. You can even have different shortcut sets that can be changed on the fly.

Additional New Features in V7:

  • 60fps editing – supports editing at 60 frames per second
  • Reverse Clip – allows timeline clips to play in reverse
  • MacBook Touchbar support – displays timeline in touchbar equipped Macs
  • Waveform progress UI displays background audio rendering status
  • Enhanced motion blur – Light, medium, heavy blur strengths
  • Kerning tighten/loosen UI buttons – quick adjustments of kerning in the text inspector
  • New audio pan/volume control for audio devices
  • Mp4 performance improvements – easily navigate through large mp4 clips with less delay