Telestream Announces Products

Sep 14, 2004

Telestream, a provider of IP-based digital media encoding and delivery solutions for the broadcast and entertainment industry, has announced three new products.

Telestream announced a new media collaboration solution that is designed to enable fast, efficient access to digital media via Telestream MAP integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Windows XP Media Center products. The solution enables content owners and creators to access, reformat, trim, and annotate digital media files for sharing with colleagues and clients across local and wide area networks. The media collaboration solution leverages the workgroup tools in SharePoint. MAP integration with the Windows XP Media Center interface enables simple remote control access to media libraries and viewing via computer screens or TV monitors for executive review-and-approvals, corporate remote training, and retail kiosks.

Telestream also announced its first product offerings for Apple Macintosh users, including a Windows Media 9 Series encoding support for Mac OS X platforms. Telestream's new support capabilities for Windows Media on the Mac are intended to enable users to create files in standard and high definition Windows Media directly on their Macs.

Telestream's new MAPone personal IP media delivery application now expands to provide support for Mac platforms, in addition to the initial PC offering. MAPone for Mac flips and delivers broadcast-quality media files directly from Apple PowerBook laptops or G4/G5 computers via standard or wireless IP networks. Exclusive Telestream HyperMAP accelerates transmission over wireless wide area networks, resumes interrupted transfers, adds encryption for security, and provides incoming file transfer management. Telestream announced pricing under $1,000 for both the Mac and PC transmit models, including HyperMAP.