Telelstream Launches Gameshow

Sep 29, 2015


Telestream, a provider of live streaming applications and video tools, is launching Gameshow, a new cross-platform application developed specifically to give game broadcasters new levels of production for their live streams. Available immediately, for as little as 25¢ a day, Gameshow lets game broadcasters easily set up and produce the highest quality streams, with beautiful graphic templates, dynamic editing, live switching, green screen technology, and built-in interactive widgets.

Gameshow's production and editing tools give game broadcasters the ability to produce consistent, branded game streams that bring followers back. Telestream says, setting up a professional stream for output on Twitch or other streaming providers can be done in minutes with ready-to-use, game-specific templates. Users can also customize a template with Gameshow's dynamic editing tools and record their streams to disk for archive. 

Gameshow lets users move, resize. and rotate elements on screen. Gamecasters can add interactive widgets to display data such as chat, followers, or donations, and even use a camera and green screen to put themselves "inside the game". Gameshow also offers support for Twitch widgets, which automatically pull in data (such as number of subscribers, donations, followers and chat) and display it on the stream in a custom-designed box.