Technorati Acquires AdEngage

Oct 17, 2008

Technorati, a provider of blog search technology, announced the acquisition of AdEngage, an online advertising network and platform. The AdEngage platform will form the base of Technorati Engage, a self-service advertising network of blogs and social media sites. The Technorati Engage private alpha offers AdEngage’s existing text and PhoText products. The public beta launch in November will add a 125x125 square. At beta launch, blogs and social media sites that enter into the exchange are reviewed to ensure they meet Technorati’s content quality standards, and then their sites and ad inventory will be displayed. Advertisers are then able to directly create, target, buy, and see the performance of their ads. Technorati Engage will move to full display capabilities, with IAB display ad sizes becoming available to advertisers for Q1 campaigns.