TechBargains Survey: 48% Will Buy iPad 3

Feb 21, 2012


In response to rumors that the iPad 3 is slated for release in just a few short weeks,, from Exponential Interactive, Inc., conducted a survey to gauge the market's. The results indicate that 48% of respondents intend to buy Apple's latest tablet. The survey also found that more than half (53%) of Kindle Fire owners plan to buy an iPad 3.

Participants indicated that there are some features they would like to see included in the iPad 3, such as a quad core processor, better speaker, a USB port, a memory card slot, a less reflective screen, and the inclusion of Apple's popular voice-activated assistant, Siri.

Of the respondents, 58% want to upgrade their current tablet and 74% concede that no tablet compares to an iPad. 66% of survey participants who own an iPad and 56% of iPad 2 owners plan to purchase the iPad 3. The third-generation tablet's anticipated high price tag is the main reason 16% of respondents said they will not invest; 35% were undecided.