Tax Analysts Selects XyEnterprise

Feb 13, 2004

XyEnterprise, a developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing software, has announced that Tax Analysts, a tax publisher, has selected XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP) to automate the publishing of its tax publications. Tax Analysts will use XPP to publish XML and other content to multi-channel delivery formats including print, PDF, and electronic output for their wide range of federal, state, and international tax publications.

XML Professional Publisher (XPP) is a standards-based composition, transformation, and rendering software for complex and automated publishing in the technical documentation, commercial, legal, journal, financial, and pharmaceutical publishing markets. Corporations use XPP to process and transform XML and other structured content into PDF and print output. XPP features such as typographic automation, native XML and SGML support, legal footnotes and enumeration, and high-speed composition are expected to enable Tax Analysts to produce quality output with shorter production cycles. Additionally, the XPP Web Services Toolkit will enable a wider variety of subject-matter experts and editors to contribute to the content and publishing process via a Web browser.  

Tax Analysts is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to help the country tax its citizens fairly, simply, and efficiently. They publish a variety of tax magazines, books, databases, CDs, online products, and other information resources for tax professionals. They are published daily, weekly, and monthly and cover state, federal, and international tax laws and issues.

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