Tapjoy Selects Rubicon Project as Exclusive Launch Partner for the Tapjoy Private Exchange

May 05, 2016


Tapjoy, a monetization platform for the mobile world, and Rubicon Project, which operates a large advertising marketplace, announced the launch of the Tapjoy Private Exchange, which for the first time opens up Tapjoy's premium in-app, opt-in mobile video inventory to programmatic ad buyers via Rubicon Project's leading Orders platform.

Inventory across Tapjoy's publisher network - which it says spans more than 10,000 top-tier mobile apps and reaches 520 million monthly active mobile consumers throughout the world--will be available in Rubicon Project's Orders platform. Tapjoy's Opt-in Video ads provide advertisers with 100% viewability and over 90% completion rates in a user friendly, skippable format. Tapjoy ads leverage a value exchange model that rewards consumers for their time and attention to video advertisers by providing them with access to premium content native to each app experience.

The Tapjoy Private Exchange also provides buyers with access to Tapjoy's first-party targeting, based on billions of mobile data points and rich app usage analysis including user preferences, conversion history, lookalike comparisons, and behavioral insights to drive ROI. Meanwhile, the exchange offers application developers and publishers one of the largest and most sophisticated sell-side platforms for opt-in, rewarded advertising.