Tapjoy Partners with Moat to Measure Video Ad Performance

May 09, 2017


Tapjoy, the “Maximum Impact Platform” for mobile advertisers and app developers, announced a partnership with Moat, a SaaS analytics and measurement company focused on delivering products for marketers and publishers. The partnership provides Moat’s independent viewability and attention measurement for video ads on Tapjoy’s in-app inventory. The companies say preliminary measurement has shown that Tapjoy’s value exchange model for driving attention and engagement inside mobile gaming apps has outperformed mobile industry benchmarks for viewability, completion rates, audibility rates and other key metrics.

Tapjoy’s Maximum Impact Platform provides consumers with access to premium content and other rewards inside their favorite mobile games in exchange for watching videos and engaging with ads. This value exchange between brands and audiences guarantees consumer engagement with the ads and ensures measurably better campaign performance. Tapjoy says these value exchange ads -- also called “rewarded ads” -- are particularly effective within gaming apps because consumers feel happier and more engaged when playing mobile games than when using other types of apps.