Tapjoy Launches Interactive End Cards

Oct 19, 2017

Tapjoy, a platform for mobile advertisers and app developers, launched a mobile advertising format called Interactive End Cards as part of its Interplay Advertising Suite, the industry’s leading vehicle for in-game rewarded advertising. Interactive End Cards turn traditional video ads into interactive, rich media ad experiences. 

Among the first advertisers to leverage Tapjoy’s Interactive End Cards was 20th Century Fox, which used the new product to promote its major motion picture, War for the Planet of the Apes. The international campaign featured a full-length video trailer followed by an interactive slider to further engage audiences. Users could swipe the slider up or down to reveal images and descriptions of the film’s main characters, and they were then given the chance to click out and purchase tickets. Tapjoy says the campaign drove an 88% video completion rate and a 4% click-through rate (CTR) to purchase tickets -- a rate 3.5 times higher than industry-wide CTR’s for mobile video pre-roll campaigns*. 

All Tapjoy video ads are verified by Moat, a SaaS Analytics company focused on delivering third party measurement and Attention Analytics to marketers and publishers, for viewability and audibility. Previous testing showed that Tapjoy video ads deliver 98% viewability and 85% completion rates on average, with post-view click-through rates of approximately 3%.