Talenthouse Launches Engagement Platform

Apr 24, 2013

Talenthouse, in partnership with adidas eyewear and Nokia announced the launch of an engagement platform that enables the global creative community to make money every when their work is shared across popular social networks. The money is being provided by brands, who in return get their message integrated into all the conversations that happen around the original content.

Talenthouse is a platform for creative collaboration, connecting aspiring talent, established artists, and brand advertisers, with over 2 million members who participate in creative collaborations across film, fashion, music, art, and photography. "Sponsored Member Portfolios" and "Sponsored Creative Invites" are based around the sharing of creative content across all social networks, which generates visibility and income for the artist and a distribution vehicle for brands.

Artists always retain ownership of their own work using Talenthouse as a platform to collaborate, grow their audience, and monetize their work.