Tagkast Launches Branded Video Technology

Jun 25, 2015

Social event marketing platform Tagkast announced the launch of its new branded video feature which aims to help brands enhance the user experience and boost organic shares on social media. Like Tagkast's branded photo sharing strategy, all branded video content will be consumer-generated, candid, created on site, and integrated with Facebook.

Tagkast's videos will be short, looped, and auto-played for a native feel as users scroll through their news feeds. Because engagement with Facebook videos is much higher than photos alone, Tagkast's branded video offering may allow clients to increase consumer interaction with their content as well as brand exposure.

The new branded video component will be incorporated into the Tagkast platform with access to audience and digital engagement analytics. As with photos, event marketers can track the impact of each video shot, tagged, and shared on social media.