Tacoda Releases Hosted Audience Management Software

Oct 29, 2002


Tacoda Systems, a new software company that helps online publishers grow their revenue by leveraging the most valuable segments of their audiences, has announced a distributed version of its Audience Management Software (AMS) to complement its enterprise suite. Tribune Interactive is the first of Tacoda's larger media clients to elect to use this new, hosted AMS version. Locally-installed enterprise versions of AMS are already working at CondeNet, Advance Internet and The Weather Channel's weather.com. Clients use AMS to: collect data about prospects as users interact with their Web sites and other digital marketing channels; integrate that data and merge it with data from existing systems, including customer and subscriber lists; generate a single, enterprise-wide set of user/prospect profiles; and automate marketing programs that target audience segments with similar profile characteristics.

Among the new features of the hosted-version of AMS: Data Agent--integration and collection of data from the entire network of publisher sites can now occur without file transfers or movement of logs from multiple servers and from different publishing environments; Multi-Domain Audience Tracking--through its universal ID capabilities, Tacoda allows publishers to identify total audience across multiple properties, which is essential to determining total reach packages for marketers and for combating privacy management brought on by IE 6.0 browsers; and Total Reach and Frequency Reporting--publisher-controlled reporting capability of a site's actual reach and frequency across one or more campaigns--providing comparable measurement with other media and delivering optimal exposure for an advertiser's branding goals.