Taboola Announces Acquisition of ConvertMedia

Aug 02, 2016

Taboola, a content discovery platform, has announced the acquisition of ConvertMedia, an outstream video SSP. According to the announcement, there are three main reasons for the purchase, but one stands out: "We have an important goal in common with ConvertMedia: to become one of the top video/TV companies in the world. Leveraging our current reach of over a billion people a month, serving nearly 1.5 billion recommendations a day, we project that together we'll stream over one billion videos a day and operate on the same scale as YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook." That is a mighty big goal.

Founded in 2008, Convert Media provides publishers with tools to "strike the ideal balance between monetization and enhancing the user experience for any given session." The announcement adds, "ConvertMedia's top notch team has empowered leading publisher sites with the ability to leverage outstream video in ways that frame content with great respectability and encourage reader loyalty."