TUNE Launches Multiverse

Jul 26, 2016

TUNE, a provider of mobile marketing technology, announced the launch of a stand alone product, Multiverse. Designed to help marketers quickly determine return on ad spend across all their channels in one platform, the product is already integrated with over 100 advertising partners. During the public beta, TUNE Marketing Console customers that use the Attribution Analytics product will have complete and free access, and in the months following, marketers using other attribution providers will also be able to aggregate their data for free.

Multiverse is unlike other aggregating platforms that use probabilistic methods to match data sets. As the marketing system of record, TUNE is in the position to provide more accurate and granular connections between ad partners and attribution providers while maintaining strict adherence to the TUNE data pledge. With Multiverse, marketers have direct and free access to the return on ad spend, built from rich first party data that they already have through TUNE.

Marketers signup and use the onboarding experience to enter the credentials of the various ad networks and platforms they use for mobile advertising. Once their accounts are synced with Multiverse, the platform will begin ingesting data immediately.