TRADOS Announces Globalization Partner Program

Feb 18, 2005

TRADOS Inc., a provider of global information solutions, has announced the TRADOS Globalization Partner Program. The new program is designed to bring together globalization software and services companies to remove complex, persistent barriers that prevent enterprises from effectively reaching global markets. This program promotes the cross-fertilization of technologies and services to produce bottom-line results for customers, including simultaneous worldwide product launches and campaigns, consistent multinational branding with local nuance, improved quality of customer interactions, and operational excellence in globalization processes.

The TRADOS program provides partners with access to TRADOS' customer base and delivers a range of services and tools to partners, including: product access, software development kits, training, certification, co-marketing programs and events, online directory listings, sales and support tools, and field sales support.

The TRADOS Globalization Partner Program includes independent software vendors, system integrators, resellers, and language service providers. Inaugural members of the program include: EMC Corporation for EMC Documentum products (enterprise content management); RedDot Solutions (enterprise content management); Blast Radius (XMetaL XML content creation); Glemser Technologies (systems integration for life sciences); Day Software (enterprise content management;) InterDoc (integrator for enterprise content management systems); Alchemy Software Development (visual software localization solutions); PASS Engineering (visual software localization solutions); acrolinx (controlled language and linguistic tools); Transclick (real-time translation services); and Transmissions (desktop publishing localization tools).