TMMData Partners with ObservePoint to Bring Data Quality Verification to Digital Marketing Management

Mar 30, 2017

TMMData, a premier provider of data integration, preparation, and management software, announced its partnership with data quality assurance platform ObservePoint. The companies’ deepened relationship aims to give enterprises complete confidence in the accuracy of their marketing information and analysis through automated data verification, integration, and cleansing.

TMMData’s web-based software enables organizations to address strategic data challenges and maximize organizational efficiency by automating the process of accessing, aggregating, enriching, and managing data from any source, including an out-of-the-box integration with ObservePoint.

Efficient, trustworthy data also lies at the core of ObservePoint’s analytics and marketing tag verification software. ObservePoint’s Data Quality Assurance platform automates the process of auditing the presence and performance of analytics tags on websites and mobile apps.

The companies’ combined services and software can integrate verified website tag information with any number of other data sets to accurately inform your business intelligence. TMMData’s integration of campaign management and tracking information from any source, including Adobe Analytics and ObservePoint validation data, allows marketers to see their web analytics and web tagging quality metrics side-by-side. When ObservePoint validation monitoring alerts a user to a tagging issue, TMMData can integrate the alert into an automated workflow that creates a job to address the problem.