TMMData Collaborates with Adobe to Deliver Data Integration and Automation Solutions to Adobe Analytics Cloud Users

Aug 10, 2017

TMMData, a creator of flexible data integration and data preparation platform Foundation, has announced its advancement to Business partner within the Adobe Exchange partner program for Adobe Experience Cloud. This relationship will provide joint TMMData and Adobe Analytics Cloud users with access to self-service resources and tools that enable them to access data from on- and offline sources, and cloud or on-premises databases, and automate campaign setup for planning, management, evaluation, optimization, and more.

TMMData says the Foundation platform provides seamless connections from nearly any data source, eliminates repetitive campaign classification tasks, and automates direct data uploads to critical tools, such as Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager within Adobe Analytics Cloud, in addition to an extensive range of analysis and visualization platforms. In addition, TMMData’s Foundation platform allows marketers to blend data from across the organization - including sales, call center, and product databases - to build robust segments, improve audience targeting, and inform engagement strategies. As a result, Foundation’s tools enable marketing teams to evaluate the effectiveness of all their internal and external, online and offline investments by centralizing valuable business data and standardizing cross-channel campaign taxonomy, governance, and reporting.