TMC Partners with ClearChannel and Critical Mention

Apr 25, 2006

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), has partnered with ClearChannel and Critical Mention, a Web-based television news search and broadcast monitoring service syndicating streaming video news from broadcasters on

Broadcast content providers and Web publishers can benefit financially from Clip Syndicate by sharing in advertising revenues to a targeted audience. ClipSyndicate's Web interface allows vertical Web site publishers to syndicate video clips from broadcasters and integrate them onto their sites. Any site that syndicates a clip will be delivered a thumbnail, headline, and summary directly through the ClipSyndicate platform to post on their site.

Through ClipSyndicate, broadcasters and other video content producers can monetize their content and extend their brands through an Internet distribution channel that syndicates video clips to thousands of vertical Web sites in need of content for their end-users, while providing advertisers new reach to a targeted audience.