TIBCO Adds Support for General Interface

May 19, 2006

TIBCO Software Inc., a business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business, has announced that its asynchronous communications, JavaScript, and XML (AJAX) and Rich Internet Application (RIAs) development framework, TIBCO General Interface is adding support for open source and commercial third-party AJAX components. TIBCO General Interface allows users to build browser-based applications with the look, feel, and performance of desktop software. Unlike most Web development environments that require additional software such as plug-ins, Active-X controls or Java applets to be installed or added to the browser, TIBCO General Interface works with existing capabilities of the browser, enabling users to get a full-featured application from a URL.

TIBCO General Interface features a mature visual AJAX development solution that offers more than 90 pre-built graphical user interface (GUI) controls on top of AJAX communication, data, publish and subscribe event services, logging, debugging and more. In addition, developers will be able to leverage the capabilities of the Dojo Toolkit, Yahoo! User Interface components, Google Maps, Direct Web Remoting, and other AJAX libraries to provide faster visual development of AJAX and RIA solutions. The Dojo Toolkit will be the first in a series of third-party AJAX components for GUI, communication, and data access that will be made available to users of TIBCO General Interface later this year.

TIBCO also recently announced that it joined OpenAjax, an open industry collaboration for developing and expanding the use of AJAX. TIBCO is working jointly with 27 other member companies to promote universal compatibility with any computer device, application, desktop, or operating system.