TEMIS and Lingsoft Partner to Expand Text Mining Coverage to Northern Europe

Mar 15, 2005

TEMIS, a text mining software vendor in Europe and Lingsoft, a natural language processing specialist, have signed a bilateral collaboration agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, TEMIS will expand the linguistic coverage of its software solutions to support 16 languages. The TEMIS products, XeLDA, Insight Discoverer Extractor, Insight Discoverer Categorizer, Insight Discoverer Clusterer and XTS, will now integrate the Lingsoft set of Northern European languages.

Lingsoft will provide TEMIS with Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmal, and Danish natural language processing software. These multilingual software packages will be integrated within the TEMIS core technology XeLDA. Lingsoft will also become a VAR (Value-Added Reseller) for TEMIS products for the Scandinavian area (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark). Lingsoft will also develop and market custom Skill Cartridges (language rules for information extraction) using the TEMIS Skill Cartridge Development Kit. The integration is planned for Q1 2005.
(www.lingsoft.fi; www.temis-group.com)