TEMIS Announces Luxid Solution

Oct 06, 2006

TEMIS, a provider of Text Analytics applications, has announced that Luxid, its recently unveiled Information Intelligence solution, is designed from the ground up on UIMA. The UIMA standard provides a standard framework, with interoperability to allow for the combination of multiple technologies. Luxid becomes fully compliant with the IBM OmniFind enterprise search and discovery platform, enabling the search experience to be enhanced with semantics. It also enables Luxid to use any third-party UIMA-compliant annotators.

Luxid gives immediate access to non-obvious information and delivers knowledge from vast and unstructured data. Luxid has been structured into three stackable software applications: Luxid Annotation Factory performs the extraction of information from text. Powers the ability to reliably identify entities and relationships. It offers an interface to manage the full document annotation pipeline; Luxid Information Mart is a platform that federates heterogeneous sources, and enriches the harvested document leveraging Luxid Annotation Factory in order to build a knowledge base; and Luxid Information Analytics is a web-based and feature-rich portal enabling information discovery on top of Luxid Information Mart. Its User Interface provides access to advanced search and filtering, document navigation, time analysis, cross-tab views, information mapping, and clustering. The Knowledge Browser turns any document set into a navigable knowledge graph, displaying extracted entities semantic relationships. To enable collaborative discoveries, Luxid Information Analytics also offers multiple-view dashboards through user-defined and shared Centers of Interest.