TBR's Research Details the Threat of Disruptive Technology and Business Models to IT

Sep 23, 2014

According to The Innovator and Disruptor report from TBR, new technologies and business models from fledgling cloud vendors will have a staggering impact on the IT industry as these upstarts compete against established vendors using a maverick approach to business operations. Large, traditional IT vendors are suffering from stagnant revenues and experiencing further disruption as new tech offerings from smaller cloud companies change the consumption of IT.

TBR says this shift in business models requires traditional vendors to re-evaluate their portfolios and go-to-market strategies, as hesitating to address these startups will result in displacement of position. Reacting quickly to the business shift will benefit companies, much like Amazon Web Services' (AWS) and Salesforce.com's disruption in the CRM and data center markets led to them becoming billion-dollar enterprises and leaders in the field.

The report also says niche companies in the IT market still have the opportunity to make a significant impact among large IT vendors by offering new, innovative technology to disrupt the IT market. Big-name players in the market will need to be aware of the underdogs to decide if they should partner, acquire, copy, or destroy their competition to stay on top. Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR) is launching a new subscription of reports outlining the business models and strategies of cloud-based innovators and disruptors. To achieve growth in today's IT landscape, traditional vendors must begin to make choices on how they will interact with these innovators and disruptors in the industry. The Innovator and Disruptor Series reports will highlight vendors with the ability to drastically impact the IT market.