TACODA to Launch Audience-centric Ad Network for Brand Advertisers

Mar 04, 2005


TACODA, a provider of behavioral targeting and audience management solutions, has announced that it will launch a behaviorally-driven online advertising network of quality Web sites for brand advertisers, designed to give them the targeted reach at a scale required for effective online branding campaigns. TACODA Audience Networks is designed to complement the previously announced AudienceMatch Network (AMN) that provides advertisers performance-based text ads. The new network is based on the AudienceMatch Technology but is designed to meet the growing demand from national advertisers' for quality online inventory to facilitate large branding campaigns. TACODA Audience Networks will use non-personal information and declared interests to deliver branding messages using its behavioral targeting technology to cluster online consumers into anonymous audience segments with common interests such as 'auto buyers,' 'involved locals,' 'technology enthusiasts' or 'business travelers.' TACODA does not keep or provide any personal information to advertisers.