TACODA Partners with Quova to Enhance Online Ad Targeting

Jan 20, 2004

TACODA Systems, a company that helps online publishers target online advertising by combining affinity, demographic, and behavioral data, has partnered with Quova, Inc., a provider and developer of Web geography services and technologies, to enhance the targeting of its flagship Audience Management System (AMS). AMS is a strategic data integration platform designed to help online publishers profile and targeting advertising.

Starting with February installations and upgrades, TACODA customers will have the option to integrate Quova's SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) data and GeoPoint into AMS 3.1, enabling them to create targetable audience segments that place site visitors into appropriate SIC categories, further refined by each user's online behavior and geolocation, such as country, region, state, city or zip codes.

Quova's GeoPoint service is an enterprise-class geolocation solution that determines the real-world location of a Web site visitor. GeoPoint performs by mapping the 1.4 billion IP addresses on the Internet using proprietary algorithms, a worldwide network of servers and staff-performed hand mapping.

(http://www.quova.com), (http://www.tacoda.com)