Systems Alliance Releases Enhancement Pack for SiteExecutive

May 02, 2008

Systems Alliance Inc., a software development firm and systems integrator providing IT and business consulting services, jas announced the release of Enhancement Pack 1, a software update for SiteExecutive 4.1. The Enhancement Pack is designed to extend the functionality of the SiteExecutive Profile Directory and Related Content modules, and also provides a new mechanism for adding page optimization tags and other custom content into the HTML Head element () of SiteExecutive pages. Within SiteExecutive, the Profile Directory module is designed to give non-technical personnel control over how profiles are collected, formatted, managed and displayed.

Responding to client feedback, Systems Alliance has extended the functionality of the Profile Directory module in Enhancement Pack 1, adding the following capabilities:
Featured Profile Mode--displays a single profile "snapshot," consisting of a thumbnail photograph or image, name and email address. The layout of content included in the snapshot can be customized using XSL, making it possible to add any other content captured in a person’s profile record to the snapshot. Related Profiles Mode--identifies and displays a list of profiles matching specific, pre-determined criteria. Module provides control over number of profiles displayed; profile layout can be customized using XSL. Profile content formatting--the profile creation interface now includes a custom field with a light-weight WYSIWYG editor. This provides a mechanism for adding formatting, such as italicizing the titles of publications, as well as hyperlinks, and bulleted lists to a person’s profile. To help site visitors find relevant content fast, Systems Alliance added a Classification module to SiteExecutive 4.1. This module provides a mechanism for structuring content using a three-tier "faceted classification" hierarchy consisting of topics, with related facets and terms. Once classified, content can be automatically displayed on pages tagged with related facets or terms using the SiteExecutive Related Content module.