Syncsort Plans Plug-in for Hadoop

May 05, 2011

Syncsort, a data integration developer, announced that it plans to contribute an external sort plug-in to the Hadoop open source distributed application project. The plug-in will help accelerate MapReduce process and improve performance on Hadoop's benchmarks. Syncsort's contribution is designed to enhance the sort framework in Hadoop by making it more modular, flexible, and extensible.

Syncsort is also announcing a special DMExpress Hadoop Edition of its data integration acceleration software, which will include Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) connectivity and the ability to create jobs in DMExpress for use in MapReduce.

Hadoop, also known as the Apache Hadoop Project, is an open source software project responsible for developing a scalable distributed computing architecture. Subprojects in the Hadoop project include the Hadoop Common utilities, the HDFS distributed file system, and the MapReduce software framework.