Syncro Soft Announces New Release of XML Editor

Jan 17, 2006

Syncro Soft Ltd, the producer of XML Editor, has announced the immediate availability of version 7.0 of its XML Editor, Schema Editor, and XSLT Debugger.

New features in version 7.0, include: document validation, which has been improved by adding continuous validation support (validate as you type), error markers and overview ruler, multiple external validation engines, and support for CSS validation. Parsed schemas are being cached to improve the validation speed; XPath support benefits now of an XPath aware content assistant showing functions and axes (all documented with sections from the W3C specification), variables and parameters as well as name tests for elements and attributes in context. For XPath 2.0 queries the XPath default namespace can be configured/automatically detected and used when writing Xpath queries; XSLT editing features an XSLT input document view presenting the tree structure of the XML document set for the current stylesheet in the associated transformation scenario. Users can create templates or other XSL snippets by dragging the nodes from the tree into the stylesheet; the generated XPath expressions are context aware. Refactory actions like renaming XSL occurences, creating an XSL template from selection or creating an XSL stylesheet from selection as well as search XSL references/declarations or occurrences are available. Users can also apply a transformation scenario for multiple files in one action; XQuery debugging perspective has been added, as the debugging support is based on Saxon XQuery processor from Saxonica and the layout and features provided are similar with the ones available on the XSLT perspective (including XQuery profiler); and the content completion support was improved to show the recent content items, handle namespace prefixes, learn words, and present #ID URI fragments for any URI attribute values and a better CSS content assistant is provided; user interface improvements include configurable GUI fonts, result views allowing both table and tree layouts, folding support for JavaScript and CSS and non-modal Find dialog. Views can be moved around the interface and the editors can be arranged as needed inside the editing area. Additionally, each editor can be split horizontally or vertically. Splitting an editor allows users to copy or move text and markup between two sections of the same document.

Other features include new views like information, properties or images preview, different element colors depending on the XML prefix, contextual spell-checking correction on a misspelled word, extract XML Schema from a database structure, and floating license support over Internet. XML Editor and XSLT Debugger is available immediately in two editions: Multi-platform Academic/Non-profit license costs $48.00 and Multi-platform Professional license costs $180.00 (20% off from the list price) if bought before January 31st, 2006. XML Editor and XSLT Debugger can be run as a standalone application on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and as an Eclipse plugin. Version 7.0 is available for free trial download from the Web site.