SyncCast Releases New DRM Solutions

May 06, 2003

SyncCast, a provider of CDN technology, has unveiled its new integrated Digital Rights Management solution. Integrating their bandwidth reporting tool into its DRM solution, SyncCast has created the XStream Logger Plugin, which tracks bandwidth data by both users and by content. This means that content owners receive real-time reporting of all streaming bandwidth usage, even if that content is issued under a single license. SyncCast's XStream Logger Plug-in does not require separate licenses for each piece of media, but instead allows the issue of a single license to each user for viewing content. Content owners can also regulate all licensing parameters themselves through a client-side interface called DRM Dashboard. All changes take place instantly and, in conjunction with the instant reporting capabilities, afford content owners better abilities to understand and control revenue streams. In addition, SyncCast's solution provides content owners with control to protect each file with a different key or all files with the same key. Content owners may weigh levels of expense verses degrees of needed security.