Synapse Corporation Launches

May 06, 2003

Synapse, the Knowledge Link Corporation, a developer of custom taxonomies and taxonomy management software, has launched a new Web service that is designed to help companies identify and acquire professional taxonomies. At launch Taxonomy Warehouse lists over 250 taxonomies created by over 125 publishers and categorized under 73 subject headings. The referenced taxonomies span 37 languages and total over 10 million terms. Hundreds more taxonomies are to be added to the Warehouse over the next few months. The Warehouse provides a detailed description of each taxonomy and the publisher's contact information. Selected taxonomies can be licensed directly from the Warehouse. The site also features an automatic alert service that will notify users of new or updated taxonomies in their areas of interest, an electronic RFQ/RFI system, and resource links to conferences, seminars, professional associations, and publications in the field of taxonomies. The entire Web site is provided as a free-of-charge service to both publishers and users.

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