Sybase iAnywhere Delivers Offline-Web Mobile Inspection Toolkit

Jun 29, 2007

Sybase iAnywhere has announced the availability of a new toolkit targeted at creating mobile forms for field inspection and survey applications. The toolkit is built on the company’s Information Anywhere suite, designed to enable developers to build applications that provide wireless and offline access to enterprise information. The toolkit uses the offline web capability of the suite, designed to enable developers to create wireless web applications that can also run offline ¾ a key requirement for mobile enterprise solutions. The toolkit includes a forms builder; out-of-the-box inspection workflow; open integration with existing back-end systems; and integration with analytics and reporting via a mobile dashboard interface. This mobile inspection toolkit is based on version 6.5 of M-Business Anywhere, the mobile middleware.

M-Business Anywhere 6.5 also includes an optimized recoverable synchronization process to provide users with an online/offline experience. It also adds integrated LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) support, providing the choice of LDAP or NT Domains for single sign-on authentication. For developers that want to create offline mobile web forms, the Information Anywhere suite M-Business Anywhere 6.5 component is currently available as a free developer download at the iAnywhere website.