Sybase Launches OEM-Ready Mach Desktop Server

Mar 23, 2004


Sybase, Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, has announced Sybase Mach Desktop, a lightweight content delivery and user experience server. Sybase Mach Desktop is designed to enable ISVs to deliver Web content, enterprise applications, voice-activated services, and corporate data to a variety of computing devices including PCs, laptops, kiosks, PDAs, and mobile phones. It reduces the time required to format and customize corporate information for each type of computing device. For end-users, Sybase Mach Desktop provides unified presentation and delivery of content from multiple applications and data sources.

ISVs can embed the OEM-ready Sybase Mach Desktop Server into their solutions, allowing them to aggregate and present a range of content to a wider group of users--including traditional Web, limited landscape, and mobile device users at the edge of the network, from a single server. For ISVs, a universal user experience management product can enable them to better fit their solutions to their customers' requirements. Percussion Software Inc., an enterprise content management software supplier, embedded Sybase Mach Desktop into the Rhythmyx product line in an effort to provide its customers with a unified solution for accelerated content delivery in conjunction with its content management system. Sybase Mach Desktop Server v2.0 is expected to be available in April.