Sybase Launches New Version of M-Business Anywhere; New Software for Blackberry

Sep 19, 2006

Sybase iAnywhere has announced the availability of its M-Business Anywhere. The solution was designed to enable the delivery of web-based content and applications to mobile devices for online and disconnected use. M-Business Anywhere 6.2 new features include support for Microsoft Smartphone devices, VGA screen resolution support, soft key navigation on Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs, and the ability to install the M-Business Anywhere client and all synched content and data on an SD (Secure Digital) card, rather than in the device memory. New features of M-Business Anywhere 6.2 include support for: Microsoft Smartphone, VGA Screen Resolutions, Soft Key Navigation; and SD Card Synchronization. M-Business Anywhere 6.2 is available immediately.

Sybase iAnywhere has also announced the next generation of the AvantGo mobile internet service, featuring a fully-enhanced wireless experience that enables users to have always available access to their favorite web content, automatically synchronized to their mobile device. The beta software for BlackBerry handsets, from Research In Motion (RIM), is currently available for download. The new beta software gives BlackBerry users the ability to view thousands of mobile channels while on the go, all optimized for their mobile device.