Sybase Acquires Dejima

Apr 23, 2004

Sybase, Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of privately held Dejima, a provider of mobile access solutions using natural language interface technology. Sybase intends to integrate the assets of Dejima into its iAnywhere Solutions subsidiary, and expects to complete the cash transaction in the second quarter of 2004.

The Dejima product portfolio includes a total of 16 granted or pending patents and leverages natural language processing and adaptive agent technologies in an effort to allow end users to interact with information sources using common, colloquial language. Inquiries can be made using most communications methods (email, SMS, voice, instant messaging, etc.) or devices (landline or mobile phone, PDA, laptop, PC, etc.). Sybase plans to leverage the Dejima technology to add natural spoken and text access through common messaging interfaces to backend systems such as databases and enterprise applications.

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