SwetsWise Searcher Dives Into Search With Deep Web Technologies

Feb 12, 2010

Subscription services company Swets announced enhancements to its SwetsWise Searcher federated search service, powered by a partnership with Deep Web Technologies, a developer of custom federated search solutions. The partnership will take advantage of Deep Web Technologies' search platform to improve the speed and efficiency of SwetsWise Searcher, giving users more intuitive and valuable search results. Deep Web Technologies' platform is geared towards using federated search to mine valuable data from wide-ranging and varied content.

SwetsWise Searcher is a federated search service that lets users search a wide range of user-selected sources. It uses a highly scalable and flexible ranking engine to return the most relevant results and is powered by parallel search, conducting searches of multiple sources in real time to ensure up-to-date information. The service can also be easily integrated with any website or intranet as a simple search box.