Swets and MuseGlobal Partner to Deliver SwetsWise Searcher Hosted Solution

Nov 28, 2006

Swets has launched the SwetsWise Searcher hosted service. It is the result of an alliance between Swets and MuseGlobal, Inc. The new SwetsWise Searcher extends the offering to two versions: SwetsWise Searcher hosted version, which provides an economical federated search option for organizations that prefer off-site implementation and SwetsWise Searcher Enterprise, the existing version that is implemented locally on the customer's servers.

SwetsWise Searcher delivers a web-based federated search service designed to facilitate implementation. For a single competitive price, customers can select up to 30 source packages from a list. A source package to SwetsWise Online Content--Swets' ejournal gateway providing a single point of access to a collections of ejournals--is automatically included. Capabilities such as searching open access catalogs and exporting citation information to citation management software in real-time will be included. Individual users will also be able to save search results in their own "Personal WorkRoom" and set many search preferences using SwetsWise Searcher's personalized profile capabilities. Its web-based utilities are designed to enable control over the configuration and customization process, allowing customer administrators to change interface and system options without assistance from Swets.

(www.swets.com; www.museglobal.com)