Swets Releases SwetsWise 4.2 with RSS

May 12, 2006

Swets Information Services has released the 4.2 version of SwetsWise, its Web-based, modular service for the procurement, access, and management of subscriptions and online information. As well as technical improvements and new functionalities, the 4.2 release includes RSS Feeds to SwetsWise Online Content.

The RSS feeds available will provide Table Of Contents (TOC), General News related to SwetsWise, and System Warning information. The RSS Feeds will provide SwetsWise customers with a tool for obtaining news and information about the journals and articles they have subscribed to via SwetsWise. By activating the RSS Feeds the customer will receive instant notification of any updates, including TOC reports and new article or issue availability to all of their electronic subscription holdings. These feeds are designed to inform the customer of any changes and provide a tool for the day-to-day management, usage, and research value of their subscriptions.