Swets Launches Ejournals Management Drive

Mar 30, 2004

Swets Information Services, a subscription and information services company, has launched a drive to simplify the management of electronic journals for customers. Swets is investing in a series of new tools and improved services intended to reduce the complexity and expense involved in ejournal management. Swets is working with the library and publisher communities during its development cycles and service improvements.

SwetsWise Title Bank is the first new tool to be developed as part of the drive and is expected to launch in the summer of 2004. SwetsWise Title Bank allows Swets' clients to customize their list of electronic subscription links whether they originate from external databases, publisher Web sites or SwetsWise Online Content. SwetsWise Title Bank is designed to assist customers in maintaining control of their electronic resources, providing full-text access to all titles. Features will include the ability to browse title and subject lists, conduct title and subject searches, and consult both title and article-level usage data.