Swets Information Services Launched

Dec 02, 2003

Swets Blackwell has officially changed its name to Swets Information Services. The company's renaming is due to Swets' acquisition of the remaining Blackwell shares after the initial Swets Blackwell joint venture in 2000. Swets will no longer use the Blackwell trade as of December 2nd 2003. The continued use of "Swets" in the company name emphasizes the fact that the company is now wholly owned by the parent company, Royal Swets & Zeitlinger. Swets Information Services' new house style (visible on www.swets.com) is intended to reflect a customer-oriented organization. Swets Information Services is a provider of subscription and information management solutions. It offers a range of services to its corporate, academic, R&D, medical, and government library and information center clients. Its head office is located in Lisse, the Netherlands, and it maintains offices in 23 countries across six continents.