Swets Acquires ScholarlyStats from MPS Technologies

Oct 05, 2007

Swets has acquired exclusive rights to ScholarlyStats from MPS Technologies (MPST). MPS Technologies will continue to operate ScholarlyStats for Swets and to develop the service, ensuring continuity for existing customers. ScholarlyStats is a web-based portal designed to ease the burden of collecting, consolidating, and analyzing e-journal usage statistics from multiple sources. Supplied in COUNTER compliant format, usage reports may be viewed and downloaded by libraries via a single interface. MPST launched ScholarlyStats in 2005. Although Swets has acquired the product, it will be 'business as usual' for the existing customers and business partners of MPST. MPST will serve as an outsourcing partner for Swets and will continue to gather and process the usage statistics. Customers will still access and utilize ScholarlyStats through the same portal, and the statistics will continue to be reported in the same format.

(www.swets.com, www.mpstechnologies.com, www.scholarlystats.com)