SweetIM Available To AOL Instant Messenger Users

Aug 07, 2007


SweetIM, Inc., a media technology company, has announced that its instant messaging application is now accessible to AIM users. AIM joins the recognized list of free SweetIM capable applications, including Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Internet Explorer.

SweetIM offers consumers ways to express themselves and entertain others through e-mail, instant messaging and online social networks. Once downloaded, flash-based content such as emoticons also known as buddy icons, winks, sound FX, nudges, audibles, and pictures are available on the AIM chat toolbar. Users can choose from more than 1000 conversation enhancements, through drop down menus to send and share with friends, family and co-workers on their buddy list.

(www.sweetim.com, www.aol.com, www.aim.com)