Survey Says Customer Engagement is a Major Focus of Small Business Technology

Mar 06, 2013

According to new survey data from Constant Contact, Inc., small business owners are evaluating their technology tools through an engagement lens. Over half (60%) of respondents said online survey tools were the most effective at engaging existing customers, followed closely by digital loyalty tracking systems (56%), with customer relationship management systems (46%), email marketing (45%), and contact management tools (38%) rounding out the top five responses. 

Another newcomer to the scene is the daily deal, which has already made a big impression on small business. When small business owners were asked which technology tools they see as most effective in attracting new customers 53% said daily deals; 51% said Internet ads; 38% said web listing sites; 37% said social media ads; 29% said online coupons.

When asked which tools are effective at both attracting and engaging customers 77% said websites; 69% said blogs; 60% said social media; 59% said video hosting sites; 52% said event management tools; 50% said email marketing.