Survey Finds 91% of Marketers Currently Use or Intend to Use Personalization Within the Next Year

Jun 18, 2015

Evergage, a provider of real-time personalization, published the results of a new survey that found 91% of marketers either use or intend to use personalization for online customer interactions within the next year. Furthermore, 49% of marketers surveyed intends to increase their budgets for personalization over the year ahead, with 80% planning to increase them by more than 10%.

The study, conducted in conjunction with Researchscape International, examined the attitudes and expectations of global business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers surrounding real-time personalization. A total of 242 marketers from around the world, in a variety of roles and from companies of all sizes, were surveyed.

Today, marketers feel web personalization is very important to their initiatives, and 51% of organizations have personnel dedicated to working on personalization programs. In terms of deployment, 42% of respondents indicated they are not currently using real-time personalization, but 78% percent of this group intends to within the next year. With 86% of respondents reporting lift from their personalization initiatives, and approximately half seeing a lift greater than 10%, it's understandable that marketers who have not yet deployed these solutions are eager to dive in.

When asked what primary benefits they expect to realize, marketers who plan to deploy personalization indicated they anticipate increased visitor engagement (78%), improved customer experiences (78%), increased lead generation (60%). Overall, 54% of marketers expect to see a lift greater than 10%.

Regarding the methods for delivering personalized web content, marketers are primarily planning to use inline content (57%) and call-outs (43%). The greatest obstacles to the successful implementation of personalization initiatives were reported to be a lack of knowledge or skills, lack of budget and IT constraints.