Surrey School District Chooses Open Text's FirstClass Platform

Jun 04, 2004

Open Text Corporation's First Class division has announced that School District 36, in Surrey, British Columbia, will deploy its FirstClass collaborative communication and education development software district-wide. The FirstClass implementation is a key component of the school district's communications strategy, providing a central place for online interaction among teachers, students, parents, and administrators throughout the district. The district's new solution is an extension of a previous deployment of FirstClass.


FirstClass includes features specifically designed to provide educators with an integrated approach to communications and educational development. Surrey School District 36 is now deploying these features--including email, personal and shared calendars, and online workspaces--which allow groups to share information and collaborate in a secure environment. Coursework, expectations for assignments and expected outcomes can be posted in a secure environment, enabling parents to be more closely involved in their child's education. FirstClass Web publishing tools are also being used, allowing teachers to publish their own Web pages without having to know HTML programming.