Surfkitchen Launches Surfkit Stream

Feb 13, 2007

SurfKitchen, a provider of On-Device Portal (ODP) applications, has launched its new streaming TV client, SurfKit Stream. The fully interactive on-device client has been specifically developed to provide a user experience for viewing TV on mobile devices.

The client provides a fully branded interface on the mobile device, with graphical menus designed to enable access to electronic program guides and channel switching between streaming content. SurfKit Stream is available as a stand-alone product or can be bundled with SurfKitchen's existing product portfolio to provide a complete mobile on-device experience.

SurfKit Stream integrates with other SurfKitchen clients allowing operators to offer a wider choice of value-added content services. SurfKit Downloads can be used to enable previewing and purchase of content such as TV program-related downloads, while SurfKit Portal provides access to news and gossip around TV shows and personalities.