SurfWax Launches Enterprise Tool

Apr 18, 2003

SurfWax, a provider of Web-based research solutions for schools and law firms, has announced the release of SurfWax Enterprise, designed for corporations and enterprises that need to implement an intelligent approach to Open Web searching for knowledge workers in their organizations. SurfWax Enterprise is an integrated Web search and knowledge management tool that is designed to bring precision and efficiency to searching the Open Web. SurfWax Enterprise offers organizational users targeted multi-source searching, value-added results display, and collaborative post-search functionality. SurfWax Enterprise allows users to develop "SearchSets" of customized target Web sites based on specific client, departmental, or organizational needs. SurfWax works with client organizations to develop categorized SearchSets of previously identified and other Web pages directly applicable to research topics and areas of interest. The use of SearchSets, as opposed to using general search engines, is intended to provide implicit context for the subjects being searched. In support of the launch of SurfWax Enterprise, the company's homepage has been revised. The site now includes overviews of all SurfWax tools, a downloadable PowerPoint which can be used to review the benefits and core concepts behind SurfWax Enterprise, and a White Paper, which is available in PDF format.