SurfControl to Help Enterprises Manage IM and P2P Communications

Mar 14, 2003


SurfControl, a Web and email filtering company, has announced a strategy for helping enterprises manage Instant Messaging (IM) and P2P file-sharing with the launch of a new product to be delivered later this spring. Codenamed "Project Blackbeard," SurfControl said its new product will provide companies with content filtering tools to manage the growing network security risks posed by the adoption of IM and P2P file-sharing in the workplace. Central to the new product will be the ability to manage unauthorized Instant Messaging on America Online, MSN, and Yahoo as well as tools to manage the unauthorized use of P2P networks like Kazaa and Morpheus. IM and P2P communications pose risks related to security penetrating techniques and protocols, including breached corporate firewalls, network-wide virus infections, legal liability issues, and inadvertent or malicious release of confidential company information. SurfControl's Project Blackbeard is designed to give companies the ability to gain better control over their communications networks, secure unauthorized communications, and identify new risks. SurfControl's new IM/P2P product will also feature the ability to: block or allow communications down to the IM client or P2P network level or the individual or group-based IP address; customize policy violation notifications based on each IM client; and operate with the Windows 2000 platform. Detailed features and pricing for the SurfControl IM/P2P product will be announced as part of the company's product launch. Project Blackbeard is the first major IM and P2P product offering from SurfControl.